Julie and I had our Yellow Fever vaccinations done at the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Public Health offices on January 28, 2013.  Yellow Fever vaccine is required for entry into many countries we plan to visit.

We also picked up our medications for ‘Salmonella Typhi’.  It consists of 4 pills taken every second day. (‘Vivotif – Typhoid Vaccine Live Oral Attenuated Ty 21 a’)   This is a preventative measure against Typhoid Fever, which still affects over 17 million people worldwide, annually.

The cost was $216.00 each.  Hopefully, we will be reimbursed by our health insurance provider.

The complete maps and data regarding precautions and areas of concern, provided by AHS, is linked below;

Mexico Traveler Health Report

Mexico Traveler Maps

South America Traveler Health Report

South America Maps (very large file)



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