Who Loves Sushi?

Jim and Vera had a lot of visitors today.  Susan (Julie’s sister) was in early, as is her usual routine.  Mark and Randi (Julie’s niece), and Kristin followed in the morning.  Julie, Emily, and her brother Quentin were next.  Jaime and I went in later on in the afternoon.  It’s OK if you didn’t quite follow all of that.  I was there, and I couldn’t keep up.

Susan left for home while Mark, Randi, and our 3 girls went out for an early supper after visiting Grandma and Grandpa.   Once they returned, Julie, Quentin, and I went for some sushi, sashimi, and maki to the Trip Advisor #3 rated restaurant in downtown Kingston – SIMA Sushi.

SIMA Sushi, 66 Princess Street, Kingston, ON, 1 (613).542.8040





Quentin is a well known sushi lover in the family.  That love of sushi has carried over to his soon to be 5 year old son.  Isaac, when asked by his mom what he wanted for his birthday supper on Saturday, replied sushi! 🙂

Sushi-boy, Quentin, ready to enjoy.


The food and service was great.  It was a good break from the hospital visiting and a bit of a rejuvenation for us.

….take care all, the muleskinner

4 thoughts on “Who Loves Sushi?

  1. Krista Storey

    Yum! I can’t wait to go there too! And just so I have this straight..is Quent Emily’s brother? 🙂

  2. Sushi Princess

    The first thing I did yesterday (after my nap) was go get Sushi…so I am starting to get over the fact i didn’t get to go on this adventure …although I did get to go to the hoggie twice 🙂
    ( I won’t tell anyone I ordered something other than the cheese steak…or that I liked it )

    Missing you guys.


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