Day 35 – A Day in Tecolutla

Day 35 – Wednesday, July 25, 2013

We spent the day in Tecolutla, MX. A small lively Mexican town on the Gulf of Mexico coast. The town is not too touristy yet and I think we may be the only gringos here. We took a boat tour of the Mangroves this morning with a local guide. In the afternoon, Julie and I headed to the beautiful expansive beach. We enjoyed some local fare and I was in the water a few times. Julie did get her feet wet and that was enough for her. The cool water and the sea breeze and our rented table and umbrella made it very comfortable.

Leaving the docks about 8:30 AM with our guide.

Pelicans on their roost.

An iguana. We also saw many birds, crabs, a crocodile, termite nests, and spiders. Julie notes “I subtly started singing the song ‘I don’t like spiders and snakes …’ but Brad and Jim Stafford thinks that’s what it takes I guess. It was a very interesting tour and there were no complaints about the cool river breeze that’s for sure.”

Julie notes “Back over to your side of the boat buddy. We don’t want to be on the crocs lunch menu.”

They named something after Julie. We’re just not sure what! Julie notes “I still need that haircut. This might be THE place!”

Kites on the beach.

A street scene around the town square. It is a busy place, especially after sundown when all the locals come out for the evening. We enjoyed some great tacos at one of the many eateries.

The happy bus drives around playing music and touring people around the town.

…over and out folks, the muleskinner and his sidekick “freshly showered, navy style” as Julie notes “with just the first layer of sweat clinging to me.”

“And one ‘Wally, Wally Bing Bang’ story before I sign off. He asks me if I had any ant bites and I play along and say ‘Yes.’ He asks me where so I show him a freckle on my leg. He has a good look and says ‘Well I’m sorry to hear that. Don’t worry. It should heal quite quickly.’ Made me giggle.”

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  1. Karen P

    Had an entirely different mental image of what your morning entailed when I read that you were touring ‘mangroves’ (blushing)… thank goodness for Wikipedia!

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