Day 48 – More Fish Massages

Day 48 – Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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We are staying in Amapalapa for the day. We had a leisurely morning and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee. Before the coffee was gone, three municipal policemen stopped to chat. They were interested in the camper, where we were from, our trip, and many other topics. Julie offered them each a coffee and they stayed around for an hour and a half talking away. Justin, one of the other travellers, speaks much better Spanish than we do and was able to understand most of what they were saying or asking and translated what we needed. Julie notes “Miss Manners says the polite thing to do, when someone shows up unexpected or not, with semi-automatic rifles or not, is to offer them coffee. She was correct, again. Family men doing their jobs.”

After they left we wandered over to the open air restaurants for some breakfast. There are 6 restaurants under one roof and the ladies come out and wave very pleasantly trying to entice you to eat at their place. We choose Merendero La Gemela Tita. Others in our group had tried a few of the places and this one seemed the best to them so we stuck with that recommendation.

We decided to go for another fish massage in the upper pool. Very refreshing. Julie notes “Ahahaha, teeheeteehee, OUCH! That one hurt! Hmmm he looks different. Is he a piranha? Time to go!”

We then walked up the hillside on a little trail to check out more of the park. Julie notes “The foliage is amazing. And I’m not just referring to my overgrown eyebrows.”

This mermaid has seen better days and was in a closed off area. Julie notes “For a second there I thought this was going to be a picture of me swimming. Typical though, Eh ladies? A gal starts showing her age a bit and gets a little worn around the fins, paint starts chipping and they fence her off. I feel for ya sister.”

…great to have Julie back, over and out, the muleskinner and his side kick. Julie notes “The Sidekick was glad to be with family and is now glad to back sidekicking the mule. She also slept about 14 hours yesterday not counting my airplane naps and I hope the family at home is catching up on the some much needed rest. We’ve all fought the hard fight for many months now.”