Day 53 – Lake Nicaragua

Day 53 – Sunday, August 18, 2013

We spent a lazy day camped on the beach of Lake Nicaragua. It was good to just stay in one place today and not have to do anything. We made a delicious bagel, cream cheese and jam breakfast with fresh coffee. It tasted really good to finally eat something. For lunch, I made some fresh guacamole with tortilla chips. And for dinner, we made some baked potatoes, thick cut pork chops, and fresh carrots. We are trying to cook and eat most of our food before crossing the more restrictive border into Costa Rica tomorrow. We made a pretty good dent in our supplies. Julie notes “Yes. Time to break out the stretchy ‘Christmas dinner’ shorts. I notice Brad didn’t mention the gourmet dinner of toast and tea that I made the sick boy last night. And I added beans and a boiled egg to complete my meal. Just some of my specialties. Oh ya! Pretty and smart and she cooks! The whole package.”

The view of the volcanos, across the lake, changes constantly. We had our recliners out on the beach for most of the day taking in the views, watching the families play on the beach, and enjoying the breeze. Julie notes “This little guy in the orange reminded me of a little Jordan Emond, except Jordan’s bathing suit at the time was a stretchy lime green Speedo style. It was classic. He might still be wearing now it if his grandma hadn’t decided at one point, after a few years of wear, that it was time for a new one.”


We were able to give away some of the kid’s clothes we brought along to a 7 year old girl and her 3 year old brother. We also gave them a colouring book, a ball, and some candies. The father told me, in Spanish, “I was his friend in peace.”

…so go in peace to all my amigos reading this blog, the muleskinner and his sidekick.

Julie notes “There was not a lot of ‘peace’ and quiet however on a busy Sunday at the lake as a live band was playing at the restaurant behind us, cars and motor bikes were continuous up and down the beach but the music was good, kids played and laughed in the water all day and we met a Dr. and family from Nicaragua, who had been to Edmonton U of A for a short stint and who I think I accidentally invited for supper. But our new amigos went in ‘peace’ when they saw we did not have enough ‘pieces’ of food for them. And as a ‘peace’ offering gave us their little Nicaraguan flag from off their car.”