Day 67 – Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

Day 67 – Sunday, September 1, 2013

Today was a very disappointing day for us and I think it will be a let-down for our loyal blog followers. We are sorry to tell you that after a week or more of negotiations and research that we will be unable to continue on to South America. We are the only paying customer on the “Trek of the Americas”. Shipping costs to and from South America are extremely high and the terms from the tour guide that would allow us to continue on to South America were unacceptable to us. We have reached an agreement with our tour guide to return to the US over the next 30 days. We will follow a different route through Central America and Mexico visiting different locales and sites. However, we are very disappointed that it is not the trip we planned.

I can’t emphasize enough how extremely proud of Julie I am, especially her strength and determination. She really amazes me every day and all of you, her friends, know what I am talking about. I am truly one lucky guy. And, did I mention the luxury Mediterranean and Trans-Atlantic cruise I surprised her with 6 years ago. I know I have mentioned that to her quite often lately. J

In any event, it is still an adventure, just not one we had planned. Julie notes “Well I had plans to wallow in my own misery but he has stymied that plan with his highfalutin praise now hasn’t he? It has been 6 months of loss and now this disappointment and I did not accept this change of plans in quite the good grace he is suggesting. But the alternative of moving forward on our quest at this time would have meant sending out a plea for funds to our loyal bloggees and let’s face it, we know all of your money has gone to TV evangelists in hopes of being saved. So backwards we go. Brad was a tiger getting an agreement struck. His many years of contract negotiating came in handy and was surprising to our guide and we are hopeful that the agreement will be honoured. We have lots more to say on that subject but will see what transpires. And we aren’t saying never to the final destination but we are now much wiser if we do proceed in the future. One thing we will do whether we go to South America or not is to learn Spanish more gooder just like you’all seen our English is. For instance today I asked Brad to interpret the road sign Playo de Sol and he figured it meant it meant ‘Sun of a beach’. Close…but other drivers were looking at him funny when he was shaking a fist and yelling Playo de Sol after them as they cut him off.”

Today we travelled back on the Pan-American highway to David. We are once again back in the Price Smart parking lot, er, I mean campground. Julie notes “Actually now being a connoisseur of sorts of camping in parking lots, this one ranks higher than most. Mostly frogs and cricket noise once the store shuts down. And not one mango has fallen on the roof. Brad had to go buy a mango from a road side stand.”

Before leaving Panama City though I captured this picture of a pristine original Volkswagen beetle for Uncle Herb. He is and old Volkswagen aficionado and may be able to tell me what year this one happens to be?

Also, prior to leaving Panama, we counted 18 cats outside our camper. Not too bad in daylight but I must say it is a little freaky at night to step out and see this pack. Julie notes “I’m thinking given the current change of events, a couple of them may have been black cats crossing our path.”

We crossed back over the Bridge of the Americas on our northbound journey. Julie notes “Déjà vu all over again.”

Which house is mine? Julie notes “One of the envious things about Central America is the wonderful variety of colours most of the buildings are painted. Not the beige world we live in, for the most part. I am not sure what this subdivision was but I hope it’s not a sign of their future .”

Somebody went to a lot of work on this hillside.

We were able to give away some of our baby clothes and blankets to a couple of very appreciative mothers at our lunch stop.

Rhythm and drum music from a group of young musicians flooded out from this church while we ate our lunch.

This guy slept through it on his hammock next door while his horse grazed outside.

A northbound view on the Pan-American highway.

…over and out for today, the muleskinner and his amazing sidekick

Julie notes “I hope you’ll all continue on this adventure with us as we shove some regrets in our back pocket and pack up our troubles in our old kit bag and drive, drive, drive…. And for Quent who was humming this the other day (and for us after this trip is tallied) ‘I’m a man of means by no means, bump, bump, king of the road’. And that’s the truth. See you all at the next camp ground er parking lot, um parking camp, camping lot, grounding park…”


10 thoughts on “Day 67 – Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

  1. Linda Field

    I am one of your loyal blog followers and I think even though you cannot continue to your final destination this has been truly exciting!

    Your blogs and pictures have been beautiful. I will continue to finish the trip with you no matter where you venture.

    Julie is very inspiring and she should be a spokesperson for Can. Cancer society.

    I look forward to the rest of trip and remain yours faithfully (muleskinner and his sidekick follower).

    Linda (McQuay) Field

  2. Quentin

    Ahhhhh well that is a bummer!

    Well i am sure there will be shenanigans for the rest of your trip. May Hoodoos and Toupes and Poles of strange origin. Keep trucking and blogging and honking..


  3. Lola Wright

    You two are amazing and whatever decision you make, we know is the best for both of you.

    Oh yeah and maybe just maybe the best for us too-lol. Although we won’t be able to travel vicariously to the tip of South America we will be able to have a Face to Face (I know Julie you don’t want to hear any AHS talk) sooner than we thought – yippee.

    Start thinking about putting extra cash back into the Mexican economy in February. A place with a view and a bathtub.

    Safe travels as we continue to enjoy your blog.

    Frank and Lola

  4. Emily

    Awe man… That’s too bad. 🙁 But there is still adventure too be had!

    And you know what this means?! Christmas in South America with the whole fam jam! Eeeeek…. I can’t wait! 🙂

  5. Kristin Emond

    Well, it’s true, I am a closet Blog-follower, but I just couldn’t hide any longer when I read the bad news blog. I had to come out and say just how upsetting the latest blog was! Keep on trucking mom and dad! You’ll have a great trip no matter where you end up or how you get there! Thinking of you both. You are both amazing, and we are lucky kids! (Remember when I surprised you both with the mad scientist dummie in your closet? Not quite the same effect that the cruise reminder has, that dad uses, but it always makes me chuckle) Love love love!

  6. Jaime

    🙁 awe sorry to hear that !!! 🙁 Major bummer. I’m sure this alternative adventure will have lots of surprise magical moments . My parents are the best and My momma is so strong and wonderful, you deserve to have the adventure of your dreams, so be sure to do a little something special for you today 🙂

    Love and miss you guys !

  7. Vickie

    How sad!!! I looked forward to reading these blogs first when I went into my email…………please continue as you travel north……………………things will look much different coming this way.
    “When the red, red, robin goes blog, blog, blogin’ along………………….”
    And……………….as for Julie’s strength………………she gives a whole new meaning to the term “wonder woman”
    Love you guys..continue to LIVE YOUR DREAMS



  8. Lynne Holmes

    You two are amazing. How very disappointing (for all of us) but you will make the very best of it all as I can see that you are already doing.
    I think the 2 most important things are that you are safe and together!
    Think the VW is a 67 or 68. UH couldn’t really zero in on it….having a bad eye day! LOL
    Carry on carrying on. OX AL

  9. Cordell

    Thanks so much for installing me back on the blog at some point as we have enjoyed the Emond word play immensely.
    Keep it going, we are with if you were blogging from Clairmont.

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