Day 104 – On the Move Again

Day 104 – Tuesday, October 8, 2013

We packed up the RV this morning, left Traveler’s World, and headed for Kerrville, TX. It is only 120 or so kilometres so we didn’t leave until 11:00 AM. It was really hard to leave this place, for me anyways. I could spend a few weeks to a month here but I am not allowed to make any more vacation plans, just yet. I told Julie that just because I wasn’t telling her my plans out loud, that didn’t mean that I wasn’t secretly making more plans. J Julie notes “Luckily for me his brain to lips filter is broken (probably jarred a wire loose on all those bumpy roads we were on) and I hear most things he is thinking so I can keep abreast of most of his new schemes. It’s just like a kid though, when he is quiet then I start getting worried.” Before leaving, I walked around the RV park and took some pictures. There are about 14 miles of trails along the San Antonio River accessible from the park and the beautiful Riverside Golf Course next door. Julie notes “My pants are telling me I should’ve walked a few of those miles and eaten less tortillas. Oh well, next time.”

We just had coffee this morning, so once we were on the road we were both getting hungry. Once we got out of San Antonio on the freeways, we started looking for a breakfast place. By the way, for a large city, San Antonio is a really easy place to drive. Even so, I did miss our freeway exit but it didn’t take long to get back on track. Julie notes “This was done in mostly a calm organized fashion. Our apologies to the woman resting or eating or hiding in her car in the abandoned hotel parking lot we pulled off in to get our bearings. I think our loud truck manoeuvers made her nervous and she started making a move to the exit.” We picked Denny’s mainly because we know they serve breakfast all day. Julie notes “Our waitress Lauren was great, funny and smart and good at what she does. The cooks should aspire to be her. My food was not great. Lesson #104 ‘Don’t order the NEW exotic avocado and bacon omelette. It will NOT look like the picture and will not be a burst of flavour in your mouth as advertised.’ The real Lesson #104a is ‘Just don’t go to Dennys. Period.’ But I cleaned my plate, as my mother taught me, and thanked them all for the great service.” We were in the little town of Boerne, TX. After breakfast we headed to the H-E-B grocery store to pick up some supplies. Julie was also looking for a US Post Office but it wasn’t easily accessible from where we were. I found a few more post offices on our GPS on the route we planned so we moved on.

We pulled into the little town of Center Point, TX and promptly found the Post Office. Unfortunately, they were closed for lunch. Julie notes “I could hear them in their but refrained from yelling through the mail slots that I had important post cards to get urgently mailed to Canada.” Onward to Kerrville where there was another Post Office. They had a very large postal facility and they were open.

Some final pictures of the RV Park and area.

This bird stayed up on this branch every day we were here. He stayed in exactly the same spot for most of the day. Julie notes ‘Here is your next quiz. What is the name of our little mascot? We have been calling it ‘Our Little Feathered Friend’ and want to thank Denise for the bird book she gave me on my 50th a few years back. It has really helped us pinpoint these identifications with the accuracy you readers are now accustomed to. In this park there is a lot of birdsong happening and one bird that we had thought was a cross between a Catbird-Chicadee-Robin is actually a Mockingbird. Go figure. Now for those of you who have read the Hunger Games books, this is NOT a Mocking Jay. Believe me, I sat outside the camper whistling and singing, hoping they would take up my song and deliver the message across the country in chorus. I was only successful in getting the yappy dog in the trailer across the street all riled up. We also have seen many flocks overhead of Gucks or Deese (don’t call them Geeks, they hate that) in the traditional V formation, heading somewhere and what better place for snowbirds than San Antonio!”

Leaving San Antone – as we now affectionately call it. Julie notes “There are songs about San Antonio but I don’t have any on my iTunes believe it or not. So feel free to hum one if you know one. Maybe Charlie Pride’s ‘Is Anyone Goin’ to San Antone?'”

Texas Hill Country.

Although not too many hills in this picture.

Julie finds her US Post Office in Kerrville, TX. Julie notes “I do not have hopes of these cards getting to where they’re supposed to be going if poor Anne has anything to do with the sorting. It was a good 20 minute process for her to count out the stamps I needed. 17 international stamps for the cards and 10 more stamps for my purse at $1.10 per stamp. Nephew Isaac probably has that all figured out in his head right now. She was possibly having a menopause moment and the more she tried the more flustered she got and so on. She told me she felt she COULD manage to pop the mail into basket once I had stamped them all. But then she disappeared. I think she went to lie down or maybe just went home for a glass of wine. So I pushed them through the mail slot with fingers crossed. Hopefully her cobwebs have lifted.”

Our campsite in the Kerrville-Schreiner State Park. Julie is trying to hold up the sun shade gazebo. Julie notes “Hurry up! This is heavy!”

The Gaudalupe River (Kerrville Lake) that runs alongside the park.

We had picked up a roast chicken at HEB and had a great salad with blue cheese and roast chicken for a late supper. Julie notes “Nice! It is great gallivanting from restaurant to eating establishment to taqueria but it is always nice to eat in our own little home.”

…over and out folks, the muleskinner and his sidekick

Julie notes “Just sending some kudos out to Jaime as she was very close with her guesses on the order of ‘Messiest to Messy’. I am thinking she has some firsthand experience. Her answers came in just prior to us posting the updated list and her prize is an all-expense paid trip to her own fridge for a Thrill of the Spill adventure!”










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    Looks like a nice camping spot for sure!

    I am sure that Lady in the parking lot was one of Norms new followers.. He probably told her to get used to staying in parking lots while he went looking for truck parts.

    We have received a few post cards me thinks… Thank you!


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