Day 135 – Number 1 Daughter’s Birthday

Day 135 – Friday, November 8, 2013

It is really hard to believe that our #1 daughter was born 31 years ago today. I remember it was a Monday and Julie’s due date. I was getting ready for work and said to Julie that she should go into labour on her due date so that I wouldn’t have to go to work. And what do you know? Before I left, she was in labour and we were off to the hospital. After a gruelling 15 hours, our little Jaime Nicole was born at 10:57 PM on Monday, November 8, 1982. We have been very proud of her ever since. She is a caring, compassionate, loving person who enjoys to the fullest everything that she undertakes. A parent cannot ask for more than that. Julie notes “I will add ‘smart, creative, funny and a dancer too’ to the long list of qualities that make her the wonderful gal we love. All of this despite being the first born and as my mother used to say ‘our first experiment.’ Love you Jaime and can still remember the minute you popped into this world with the help of those tiny forceps. (Ouch!) Although that may have been the last time you were right on time. J

Jaime Nicole Emond – 2 days old.

And just so Kristin and Emily don’t get too upset, Jaime is the #1 born daughter. You three can fight it out as to who is the number 1 daughter overall. J Julie notes “There is a lot at stake. Whoever is the overall winner gets to care for us in our old age. Perhaps some Hunger Games competition to decide the winner of that great honour? May the odds always be in your favour.”

Today was a slow news day otherwise. We relaxed in the desert pretty much all day. We started the day with toasted bagels, poached eggs, ham, and cheese (for me). A delicious way to start the day. We had some nachos and salsa at lunch and then left over spaghetti and sauce for supper. Julie notes “Our new motto has been eat it up, pack it up, give it up and as you’ll see below, burn it up. We are downsizing for the next trek of our journey.”

The temperature reached 29C and was clear and sunny despite JimBob OG’s (Julie notes “Oh Golly!) prediction of dark clouds. He is still adjusting to the altitude. From over 7,000′ to around 800′ above sea level is making it hard for him to predict weather trends. Julie notes “It is 29 C and he is still wearing a sweater. Although our Jim Bob was very hairy so maybe that’s NOT a sweater after all? At least he’s not wearing socks in sandals though eh Karen P?”

Julie’s view of the world for most of the day. Julie notes “Ahhhhhhh….”

I had purchased a nice little RV rake yesterday at one of the Quartzite shops. It is very compact but a little hard to rake with.

Then I realized my $6.95 purchase actually unfolds into a full size rake. Nice. Julie notes “Maybe I should add ‘rake it up’ to the list.”

We ended the day with another fire and I’m sad to say, the last of my firewood. Julie notes “With a little added left over charcoal… burn it up.”

We still had time on our hands and this is the best entertainment we could come up with. OK, OK, I told you it was a slow news day! Julie notes “Still not sure why we never have neighbours parking near us? It’s a mystery.”

…over and out, the muleskinner and his sidekick

Julie notes “Cheers Jaime Nicole. You were named after your Grandpa James and he’s left his candle still blazing up there in the sky for you!”

2 thoughts on “Day 135 – Number 1 Daughter’s Birthday

  1. Karen and Nathan

    Thanks so much for giving my mom and dad a few minutes of reminiscing about their years in Quartzsite. They dont’ go anymore and Nathan has been showing them your pictures and filling them in on your travels. Lots of laughs here and excellent stories!

    Then we digressed about the molecular changes of microwaved water and if it is possible or not! We have decided it does not change anything!

    By the time I am finished typing a line, the conversation has switched to some other great debate!
    We are in Lethbridge helping them finish off a minor renovation. Putting up one picture is becoming another great debate! I need coffee…

    By the way the color of pedicure polish is fabulous!!

  2. Quentin

    That Jamie hasnt changed a bit… Ok so she has cut her hair a few times..

    Could be your money would have been better spent on a stone slinger instead of a rake brad.. what ya raking anyway? Trying to cover your tracks in the desert…. ‘someone is getting little footie prints all over my desert!’

    Ever try to BBQ some cactus over those fires?


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