Day 154 – Even More from Moscow – Driving in a Winter Wonderland

Day 154 – Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We awoke early this morning to a real taste of winter. (Julie notes “WTF! (Wow That’s Frigid!) I had an appointment for some servicing for the truck this morning at 7:45 in Kingston at D&D Auto Service. Once we confirmed their shop could balance the tires, Julie and I headed to the little strip mall nearby for some breakfast at the LaSalle Park Restaurant. It was a good little greasy spoon breakfast place. After breakfast, we headed back to D&D where they informed us that they would need the vehicle longer than anticipated and offered us a ride to the mall. We choose to go to Chapter’s and Starbucks instead. Julie notes “Okay time for a WTF (Wow That’s Freaky!) story. My sister in law Kelly shares the same birthday as me (Aug. 11th, for those of you who would like to get an early start on shopping for our presents). Although we are a few years apart (I will not say which of us is older, I’ll let you guess) we have always felt like we were kindred twin spirits. So we both get out our exact same model of ‘Kobo Glo’ e-reader to compare and we are both reading the same series of books. Actually we are both reading the same 3rd book in the series. Actually we are both at almost the same page in the book give or take 10 pages. And the clincher, we were both starting to suffer the very same cold or allergy symptoms. Thus cementing the kindred twin spirit theory. Now the reason I mention this now is that I may have broken the delicate bond we shared as I read for quite a while in Starbucks and am probably no longer within plus or minus 10 pages of Kelly in the book. I suggested she call in sick to work so she can catch up.”

We had arranged to meet our good friends, Helen and Karl, for lunch. They suggested the English style pub, The Loyal Oarsman Public House. They picked Julie and me up at Chapters and we headed over to the pub for lunch. They have a great selection of beers and some good pub style food. Helen and Karl shared some wings and fries. Julie ordered the mushrooms on toast so she could try something different. I went with the steak sandwich. It was all very good. Julie notes “As usual it was hard to end the visit because we always have lots of great conversation with these good friends. Despite the time between visits we seem to be always able to pick up where we left off. Also we owe our long lived marriage to them for good or for bad. Being the more experienced married couple by a whole two weeks we looked to them for marital advice and guidance. We owe all these years of wedded bliss to this couple, our mentors, forerunners, pioneers, who forged on by example. I said to myself, while parked once again in a border crossing parking lot in the heat of El Salvador, as my pillow hovered over Brad’s head, if Helen hasn’t killed Karl after all of this time, I guess I probably shouldn’t kill Brad. One regret I have from this trip was not being fast enough to snap pic of a road sign in Texas that said ‘Carlsbad/Loving 40 miles’. Interpret that sign as you will. Made me think how lucky I was…to have you guys and your two week head start as our marital roadmap.”

After lunch, Helen and Karl dropped us off at the shop to pick up our vehicle. We paid the bill and were ready to leave. I had asked the shop to remove my TireMinder valve transmitters when they balanced the tires, replace 2 leaking valve stems, and set the pressure lower on the tires for our ride home. The transmitters were not in the cab so I went back in the shop to ask for them. They only had 3 out of 6. I asked about the remaining 3 transmitters and was told that 2 could not be removed and 1 was missing. So, I asked how they had reset the tire pressure. It hadn’t been done. I removed the remaining 3 transmitters from the tires without issue. None were missing and none were difficult to remove. Then the fight started. Needless to say the truck was taken back in the shop. The tire pressure was set, one of 2 valve stems had not been replaced and was still leaking, and the rear tires had not been balanced. Terrible service in my opinion and I would never recommend this shop to anyone. None of these “supposed” issues were documented on the work order. In fairness to them, they did not charge me for the rear wheel balancing when I checked the work order more closely, but it was work I had requested and it was not done. I had also asked for a rear suspension inspection and that was not done (and not charged). Just as well, because I had no faith in anything they would have told me after this experience. Julie notes “There were a few WTFs flying around during this experience. One of them being ‘Why The Flat?’ Many others are not printable.”

Early morning drive to Kingston. Julie notes “To quote some of my family, WTF. Watch Those Flakes. Where’s The Fleece? Won’t That Freeze? ‘Wow That’s Fluffy!”

I just like the blur in this traveling windshield picture. I think it gives a sense of driving down the road.

A place to avoid in Kingston, ON. Julie notes “The front end staff were very good. We enjoyed their company.”

Julie knew right away that she would love The Loyal Oarsman Public House. If they have Bobby Orr memorabilia then they must be good. Julie notes “I am not faking this look. Right Vickie? What did our sign say way back when? Bobby Orr Bust?”

Our friends Helen and Karl. Julie notes “Helen took me under her little wing (or drum stick in this case) on the first day of college. She was a tiny big city girl, and I was big little country mouse.”

…with the muleskinner and sidekick.

…over and out, the muleskinner and his sidekick

Julie notes “Back home and Ron has joined us again. Roast beef, gravy and potatoes and carrots and some Pirates of the Caribbean to round out the night.”

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  1. Vickie

    Julie, I believe it was more like Bobby…… Our Bust??………….of course we were drawing reference to ourselves……………………… one else ever seemed to pay attention to our busts.

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