Day 28 – Give me a “Brake”

Day 28 – Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We are still sitting in Twin Lakes RV Park in Mission, TX. Today we had an appointment for a brake job and suspension and drive train inspection at D & D Wheel Alignment. They were recommended to us by the RV park owner. It was a good recommendation. We met the owners, DJ and Sonja, and DJ’s father, Dan. Dan originally started the business over 30 years ago and named it D & D for him and his only son. What a great business to deal with and a great family.

They installed a new front left hub bearing for me and replaced all the brake pads, which I requested, even though there were a few miles left in the old ones. We made need those brakes through some of the high passes in Central & South America. Julie notes “honkchewwww, honkchewwww (our granddaughter’s pretend snoring noises) because that made me fall asleep. But I guess I would be pretty wide awake if our brakes failed as we were teetering over Machu Pichu. Although that sounds like a great plot for a National Lampoon Vacation movie! Admit it. Now you are humming the ‘Holiday Road’ tune.”

I must say the people and businesses here have been very helpful and friendly and customer service oriented. Julie notes “Agreed! We must be really good at looking like we are in need of help because people all over have offered assistance whether it be at the grocery store staring up at the aisle signs or trying to find a campsite at the busiest time of the day and year, and letting us ‘squeeze’ into their lane of traffic because we’ve made a little navigational error, to just pointing out some local highlights and good businesses.”

I purchased a set of used reflective triangles, which is a requirement in some SA countries, and a commercial to consumer propane transfer nozzle that will also be required when we need to refill our propane tanks. I purchased these from Norm of Adventuretours RV Tours. Julie notes “Ok this is like the filler that sports people have to ramble on about in between golf shots and Olympic events. Bear with us. I promise things will get more exciting again soon. In the meantime, imagine my thoughts when the first thing our tour guide hands us is this ‘interestingly’ shaped device! Hmmm….”

We did some shopping, after we got our truck back. We picked up a few needed items at Academy Sports & Outdoors store. We also purchased some gifts at Walmart to take with us. Julie notes “Norm encourages interaction and giving back to the people that we will meet on the way. He is a paramedic and has taught his skills across Mexico, Central and South America as well as held blood pressure and blood sugar clinics during these tours. At his suggestion, we have some donated clothing, treats, school supplies, some books, etc. And what we learn as we go will be immeasurable.”

For supper we tried a local Mexican restaurant called Poncho’s. They have a 5 person mariachi band but we only got to hear them tuning. Julie ordered the $4.00 margarita. J Julie notes “Having a few of these on a daily basis will definitely build my upper body strength. My body building goal is to go from ‘two hands for one drink’ to ‘one drink in each hand’. P.S. This is also the face I made when Norm handed me that phallic shaped object above!”

…that’s all for today, stay tuned to for the lastest breaking stories, the mulskinner and his sidekick

Julie notes “Tomorrow we head to Mexico to get some papers arranged. Norm has suggested a pedicure (after seeing Brad’s sandal toes) and a haircut (not sure which of us prompted that suggestion). Since my main gal Jessica won’t make the trip down here to Texas as I requested to give me a trim, Karen Schoeppe, maybe you can suggest a Mexican hair dresser for me? Bwahahaha! (If we had it we would post Karen’s Mexican hairdo from last February. Very fluffy, but actually a great cut after things settled down.) Watch for pictures of our ‘new Mexico’ stylish looks. And maybe guess what colour Brad will get his nails done.”


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  1. Karen Parsons

    First of all, my apologies to Brad… I accused him of a fashion faux pas that he did not commit. After careful review of my photos, partly because Brad threatened me, I realized that were no documented socks in sandals incidents. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. I hope I did not ruin your chances with GQ magazine. Keep on keeping on, you big ‘ol metrosexual you!! And on that note, my guess is periwinkle blue :0)

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