Day 57 – David, Panama

Day 57 – Thursday, August 22, 2013

We are currently in David (pronounced Da-veed), Panama. It was a short travel day from the mountain town of Volcan down to David. We had our truck serviced, filled up with diesel and propane, bought a few groceries and visited another mall. Contrary to popular belief, visiting malls is not Julie’s favourite activity. That leaves it up to your imagination to determine her favourite activity (wink, wink). Julie notes “NOT visiting malls has become my new favourite activity. No winks implied.”

We did take in an afternoon matinee at the theatre. We saw Red 2 with Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis is not my favourite actor but this movie was in English (with Spanish subtitles) and was actually quite good and also funny in parts. Julie notes “I recognized a few more Spanish words in the subtitles but it turns out reading and listening and eating popcorn is two more things than I can do and still keep up with the plot.” We are camped out in the Price Smart parking lot. It is almost identical to Costco. We experienced afternoon rain again today. Julie notes “I am starting to notice some webbing in between my toes. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it is probably me telling you that these wet parking lots are beginning to grow on me.”

This will be Victor and Mindy’s last day with us. This is Mindy. Julie notes “Yes Victor left to start his new life in a new place. I think he was a bit hesitant to take the plunge. Which is funny because he is a surfer. He is a great guy and we wish him the best. And hopefully he will soon forgive Mindy for chewing up his iPhone with all his contact info in it. Hard to stay mad at that cute face though.” The Rambos’ also started out on their own for their new adventure living in Panama. We will miss them as our travelling companions and wish them all the best.

For the second time on the trip, Victor needed a boost because of a dead battery. Julie notes “We also wish him no more dead batteries and may it be a long, long time before he has to sleep in his van again!”

A view leaving Volcan.

Julie giving a wave from her perch in the truck while it was being serviced. Julie notes “These guys know how to treat a lady. Up on a pedestal where I belong. No comments on how it took a hoist to get me up there! The iTunes weren’t playing at the time but I’m pretty sure Brad was humming ‘love lifts you up where you belong.'”

Her view of the shop. Julie notes “Doing a little mental Christmas shopping while I was up there. A little something for everyone.”

>..over and out for today, the muleskinner and his sidekick

Julie notes “We also said our good byes to Wally Wally and his family, who had stayed the previous 2 nights in a hotel down the road. They drove by us today as we were at the propane filling station and we radioed hugs to each other. When Wally Wally got on the radio and said ‘Bye Bye Miss Julie’ I had a bit of a cry. He was the perfect little bright spot when I needed one. Thanks for that Wally Wally and keep that sweet side as you grow bigger. But we were able to go on FaceBook today and saw some wonderful pictures of another little sweetie, Melodie, so all will be well.”

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