Day 79 – Friday the 13th (Happy Birthday sister Krista)

Day 79 – Friday, September 13, 2013

I spent most of today trying to book our next adventure. You will have to wait and see if I was successful or not. Julie notes “I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I wonder if it involves parking lots?”

We lazed around the RV Park eating unhealthy snacks most of the day in the drizzly cool weather. Julie read quite a bit and I used the Internet frequently trying to make arrangements. Julie notes “Hey Suze, I’m into my freebies on my Kobo that you loaded for me. Thanks! 1/3 of the way through my second Kobo book before I realized that I had already read it. Now because of my OCD I am forced to finish it. Luckily I can’t really remember how it goes but it just feels like vague déjà vu.”

The water park was busy today with busloads of kids arriving early this morning and spending the full day here having fun. There were at least 9 busses, maybe more. Some of the pools were packed in like sardines but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

The question of the day is “What are these things you see for sale?” We think we have it figured out but want your ideas. We might bring one back for you if you’re right. Julie notes “Be sure to let us know what colour you want or there are the ‘paint your own’ if you are worried about it matching your other cement stuff.”

This guy tried keeping up with the kids playing soccer. Julie notes “I thought at first that he was cheating by hiding the ball under his shirt but then he started playing for the skins team.”

The old gardener is here every day bright and early working slow but steady keeping the place well groomed. Julie notes “I just want to say that I love this man. Pouring rain and he is draped in a garbage bag still working and keeping his underlings on point as well as directing big bus traffic off the grassy areas so they don’t make more ruts like you can see in the picture above. He packs in his own machete each day like many people we have seen as we travelled which brings me to travelling lesson #18 – I have never met a man (or woman) carrying a machete that I didn’t like.”

…over and out, the muleskinner and his sidekick

Julie notes “Hmmm no mention of the amazing supper I whipped up for him of weird, spicy beans on toast buttered with “Cremy light margirina” (no shade of Crayola yellow would describe the colour of this but it does have quite a waxy consistency like crayons), ‘sort of soft’ poached eggs and fried pink stuff that was called Jamonilla on the side of the can, my version of mystery meat. Altogether it was kind of home style tasty. Sort of.”

Happy birthday to sista Sista! Did you know that your birthday coincides with the Guatemalan National horn honking and whistle blowing championships? True story. Apparently all vehicles are required to participate and there is a certain rhythm, similar to the hockey game organ tune and trust me some honkers are way better than others in both rhythm and fortitude and endurance. And then the people with whistles (who knew so many people had whistles, thought it was a lifeguard convention for a while there) play the same tune. Things seem to escalate in the afternoon. We have also noted people running with torches as this is all going on. More investigating required I think.”

“But back to your birthday, the iTunes were gearing up the night before your big day with Adam’s lovely piano rendition of ‘Yesterday’ and your beautiful recording of ‘Today’ that you did for mom’s service. The only thing missing was a song like ‘The Sun will come out Tomorrow”. The sun did not shine but John Denver gave his version of ‘Today’ and it hardly rained all day. So I hope your birthday was little like that too. Love and honk, honk-itty-honk honk from down under!”








3 thoughts on “Day 79 – Friday the 13th (Happy Birthday sister Krista)

  1. Quentin

    Hmmmmm those things are very interesting…. I think they would make a great addition to the climber… Maybe fancy ball washers… golf, base and basket… And i would probably not fall off it either… hehe

    But seriously… fancy fruit stands? Some sort of coffee bean sorting apparatus?

    Now by chance did you check your ‘Back Ends’ for bumper stickers that say”toque la bocina si usted es cachondo”? I am just saying…. you might be creating your own ‘buzz’


  2. Deanna and Jacques

    M and Jacques are sitting in the rainy Cayman Islands trying to figure out what your new plan is?!!

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