Day 140 – Resort Living – Kelly M. Goes to the Spa

Day 140 – Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Julie and Lola (Kelly M.) both had a facial rejuvenation at the Alvea Spa at Encanterra Country Club this morning. They both looked years younger. In fact, we had to call them by name to make sure we were meeting the right people. Julie notes “Brenda and I were a bit jealous that Lola (Kelly M.) was having a facial so we hitched a ride with Dan on the golf cart over to the club house first thing to see if we could get some appointments booked. We didn’t want Lola (Kelly M.) being mistaken for one of our kids with her new youthful skin. They were able to book me in right after Lola’s (Kelly M.) appointment. I think, judging by the looks on their faces, that they felt it was a rejuvenation emergency. Brenda was allowed to wait until the next day. Brenda and I were then escorted to the ‘quiet room’ to wait and we immediately disobeyed the quiet rule as Brenda helped me fill in my ‘skin profile’ sheet. We had a spirited debate when it came to the allergies section as to whether my cat allergy should be mentioned. Having never had this particular treatment we couldn’t rule out some kind of feline interaction. Maybe they have cats walk gently on your face? Or gently fan you with their tails? Or lick the mask because of some rejuvenating chemical in their saliva. We just didn’t know so decided not to take any chances and included cats as an allergy. No good if I came out of there looking years younger but with runny eyes and nose. Turns out no cats were harmed during my treatment. And my facialist was serious when she told me, she does not even own a cat so I will be in no danger. It was a wonderful relaxing time and best therapy was that she told me I had beautiful skin. I tipped her appropriately for that!”

We all met for lunch on the patio. Lunch was great.

The rejuvenated Julie. Julie notes “I know! Takes you right back in time doesn’t it?”

I had the French onion soup and salad for lunch. It was really good rich soup. Nice. Julie notes “No jets required in the hot tub today if you sit next to Brad!”

Dan, Maureen, Brenda, and Lola (Kelly M.) had a tee time booked for the afternoon. Julie and I went to the outdoor pool for the afternoon. We relaxed around the pool in the sunshine and had a hot tub. Julie notes “It was definitely a Canadian type day for the pool. The sun was warm but a bit of nip in the breeze so we moved with the rays. I really wanted to stay in the change room as it is about the size of our house with every beautiful convenience you could imagine. I even got a little lost so followed the voices of the women walking through to find my way out of the beauty maze of mirrors. I even dared to check the high magnifying mirrors out since I sure felt rejuvenated. Maybe that is something else you shouldn’t do while wearing progressives.”

Julie notes “Brad! I think that French Onion Soup is starting to work. Plus I forgot my sunglasses way over there. Squint squint.”

…and I had a swim. Julie notes “hmmm the whole pool to himself for some reason.”

We all met up after their round of golf and toured some of the show homes on display at Encanterra. We toured the 3 newer style homes and a couple of the existing styles. They are all beautifully done. They have a design and floor plan that would cater to pretty much anybody. I had my favourite design and it didn’t agree with Julie’s favourite. That is the only reason we aren’t putting in an offer besides the advice of our accountant. J

The group at one of the show homes with a kitchen-centric design. Julie notes “Nice but we prefer to do our parkouring at Bill and Mary Ann’s. Plus did you know that there is endless water here in the desert. We had heard differently so we tested that theory by leaving Bill and Mary Ann’s taps and showers on the whole time we were away today. They were still running! Should’ve maybe NOT put the plug in the tub but in that dry climate things will evaporate quickly.”

Julie and Lola were getting a bit famished and luckily the show homes supplied bowls of fruit. Julie notes “These had lots of fibre.”

Dan and Maureen grilled up some smokies for supper with some salads. Their spool (hot tub and pool) was running for the group but Julie and I skipped a hot tub because we had already had one in the afternoon. Julie notes “And they have a rule of no French Onion Soup within 24 hours of ‘spooling’. It is listed, #1, right on their safety ‘spool’ rules.

…over and out, the muleskinner and his sidekick

Julie notes “Kelly M’s vacation update – Kelly, your week is speeding by and you don’t want to go to bed tonight because that means Thursday will be here when you wake up. That makes you sigh a bit sadly but you’re not one to wallow in self-pity and you look forward to tomorrow’s plans. But you are glowing in your new skin and the facialist also told you that you have beautiful skin. (She hadn’t seen my skin yet so who’s to say which of us has the MOST beautiful skin. And your wife will be seeing her tomorrow. I hope you have some pictures of her from when she was a teenager because that is the transformation you will see.) You ended the day with some ‘spooling’ with your friends. The betting pool in the ‘spool’ tonight is guessing what the Smith’s water bill is going to be this month.”



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  1. Quentin

    You know I think I am going to start a catspaw…. Hahahaha first we feed you some free salmon treats then tie you down for the cat facial… They have the perfect tongues.
    Hmmm Peyton had beans for lunch and could have provided some bubbles today… Funny she won’t go in the bubbles at the big pool.. She must know something.


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