Day 39 – Miss Julie Flies Home

Day 39 – Sunday, August 4, 2013

We left our Pemex campsite near Matais Romero at 5:30 AM to beat the dangerous high wind area across the isthmus of Mexico to the Pacific side. As luck would have it, we experienced little to no wind. There are thousands of wind turbines through this area that we could see against the early morning sunrise. Today’s travel was mostly through the beautiful Sierra Madres mountains to our destination of Tapachula, MX.

Near our morning coffee break stop around 7:30 AM.

For some reason, these turkey vultures like to sit with their wings spread wide open. We’re not sure why but it is kind of weird to see them.

More scenery along the way.

We made a thermos of coffee in the morning and enjoyed our yogurt and granola bars travelling along at a leisurely pace.

Who knew a smouldering garbage dump could be so beautiful?

People going about their daily lives as we travelled through many small towns along the way all the while with a mindful eye for the ever present topes.

We turned in our vehicle paperwork and got our refund at the customs office. Then we were off to the Tapachula Airport to drop Julie off in plenty of time for her flight to Mexico City and then on to Toronto. They even upgraded her to first class for the flight to Mexico City. She will never want to fly economy again… Oh Oh! The rest of the group continued on to the little beach town of Puerto Madero, MX just outside Tapachula. We found a terrific campsite right on the beach near the lighthouse. This is a real treat after staying in Pemex station parking lots. We have the sun, the surf, the sea air, and the ocean breeze. This is hard to beat.

…and it included a beautiful sunset over the Pacific.

…over and out for today, the muleskinner and his flying sidekick. (you will be missing her witty commentary for a week or so as I travel along solo) Who will make fun of me so I don’t feel lonely?