Day 131 – Cottonwood, AZ – Land of Quails, Cottontails, and Pails of Soapy Water

Day 131 – Monday, November 4, 2013

We spent a leisurely day around the Dead Horse Ranch State Park. Temperatures reached about 25C in the afternoon. It was very pleasant. Julie relaxed a bit but also did some house cleaning in the camper while I washed the outside of the camper. We both did some blogging, emailing, Internet stuff and reading. Julie notes “Our adventure yesterday through the backcountry trails, left piles, puddles and poofs of red dust everywhere inside and outside the camper. You wipe it once and it just forms a thin layer of red cement over everything. So we worked at it a bit and got rid of the most noticeable layers. I was forced into being an accomplice on the washing of ‘the unit’, something usually frowned upon in campgrounds. Just putting it out there that I worked the water handle under duress in case the campground policia check the water meters and come after us.”

So, we do not have much to report today. Julie notes “Oh come on! These are the days when we have time to make up a bunch of stuff. Hmmmm I guess my thinking cap is coated in red dust. Can’t think of anything. We usually don’t have to invent adventures. They just seem to happen. There is always tomorrow. Or El Morro. (right Vickie?).”

We have a few Gambel’s Quail around our site. A small game bird in Arizona. Julie notes “I don’t know what kind of ‘game’ these small birds play. Perhaps hide and seek from our camera and the cotton tail bunnies that were exploring our site as well. We already had meat out thawing for supper so they all felt safe around the campfire. Don’t you just love their little head tassels.”

A nearby creek and trail through the park.

Getting the firewood ready.

And yes we did have a fire. Nice! We grilled up some marinated baby back ribs with baked potatoes and carrots. Good stuff. Julie notes “We got inside just as the lone coyote started up his lament. Seems like a sad and eerie call when there is just one. But then just before bed, it seemed very close to the camper!”

…over and out, the muleskinner and his sidekick

Julie notes “Ok here is a real story for some filler. We have been in the land of spiders, snakes, lizards, scorpions and very weird sounding cicadas. Back in San Antonio, I had a very sore and swollen bite on my leg. It lasted a couple weeks and I assumed would end with baby spiders hatching or something. (As far as I know there were no hatchlings.) So when my husband, Brad (in case you have forgotten his real name), jumps straight up out of bed last night and yells ‘OUCH!’ and throws the covers to one side, searching and stomping and slapping frantically, I automatically assume one of the above creatures has found its way into our bed. I watched this outburst with large eyes from the safety of the kitchen table while I planned on alternate sleeping arrangements. After some more flipping and flapping (and some bedroom windmilling) the culprit who attacked Brad’s leg was found. It was about 10 inches long, skinny, black with a scaly texture. In the Southwest it is known as the ‘Pokey Little Bedroll Sidewinder’. In Canada we call it ‘The Tie for the Sleeping Bag’. His injuries were minimal. He pointed out a couple of freckles he said he was sure were teeth marks but no swelling of extremities ensued.”

3 thoughts on “Day 131 – Cottonwood, AZ – Land of Quails, Cottontails, and Pails of Soapy Water

  1. Vickie

    You need to visit Vegas…………………………..I’m sure that I have seen some of those Gambel’s Quail performing live on stage.

  2. Karen and Nathan

    The PLBS (American, Southern like) has got me a couple of times over the years of camping. But no bedroom windmilling just a loud coyote call!! I feel for you Brad.

  3. Quentin

    Well i am sure you now know that the Coyote Was just waiting for you to go to bed so that the mesmerized bunnies and quail were nicely beside the cooking fire…..

    The call of the coyote can be roughly translated to…. Thanks you gringos for collecting the grub and providing a means for cooking these small and gamey morsels.

    Oh the jumping spider dance…. good stuff. Poor brad. We got caught in Arizona after reading all the watch out for these critters plaque…. one reason not to read them i guess….

    I remember staying at a cottage years ago i awoke to something crawling across my chest so i did the big smack and went back to sleep. When i woke up i vaguely remember it and look on my chest to see nothing. Shrugged then got up and there stuck to my sheets was a 1 inch spider squished.. hehehe funny.. but i was not in the ‘zone’ for the dangerous ones.


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